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JB Industrial Doors

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About Us

JB Industrial Doors

JB Industrial doors was formed In 1987 by Jim Byrne and John Baker to serve a growing market In the Installation service and repair of Industrial doors, and was subsequently taken over by Jeremy & Sharon Tettmar In 2011 as a family business.

We now serve southern England: Installing, Servicing and repair to Sectional overhead doors, roller shutters, steel fire doors, Bar grills, Bollards, Car park barriers, Concentrina doors, Fast action, Folding shutters, Gates, High security doors, PVC Strip curtains, Security grills, Window grill security & Loading bay equipment (i.e levellers, loading bay buffers, shelters, wheel chocks, wheel guides, ect...).

The range of equipment supplied by us can be coated in any rail colour either smooth paint finish, hp200 plastisol finish or standard galvanized finish.

We have been trade partners with Hormann U.K. for 30 years, all of our engineers are Hormann trained and approved Installers, we have major contracts with:

Local authorities, supermarket chains, armed services and car and commercial dealers.

What Industrial Clients say

 "We had a particularly high doorway and the roller shutter turned out to be the perfect solution" - Mr P, Car Parts Supplier

"Your suggestion of using glazed aluminium folding doors has worked allowing much more light into the warehouse and trade counter" - Mr W, Plumbers Merchant, Ashford

"You made a really good job of installing our sports hall doors and ensuring they matched the timber finish of the surrounding walls" - Mr T, Sports Centre, Gravesend 


Q - What exactly are high speed doors?

 A - Basically, they are doors that operate very rapidly to optimise the flow of traffic and save energy. We can supply vertically and horizontally opening transparent doors with flexible curtain, also in combination with sectional doors and rolling shutters. 

Q - What are the advantages of Roller Shutters and Grilles?

 A - They have an ingeniously simple construction with just a few components, and can be made in aluminium, steel and stainless steel They require hardly any space above the opening and form a compact coil behind the lintel so no valuable hall space is lost at the sides or ceiling. 

Q - Is it possible to have sliding fire doors?

 A - Yes, we can provide reliable sliding door solutions in single and double-leaf versions that comply with requirements for operation and risk - for all areas. The fire protection designs are tested in accordance with DIN 4102 

Q - What is the difference between a roller door and a roller shutter?

A - Roller doors are typically light weight doors with a single piece curtain used in low use applications such as residential garages. Roller Shutters are heavier duty doors comprising interlocking steel slats and are generally designed for higher use or industrial applications such as multi-tenant car parks, and industrial properties or when security is a concern. 

Q - My existing industrial door is exposed to windy conditions - how can I stop it blowing in?

 A - We can often solve this problem by fitting a sliding wind brace. This gives extra rigidity when you need it most by effectively halving the width of the door. 

Q - I have a large storage area but with low headroom - what sort of door should I be looking for?

 A - Industrial folding doors are the best solution for halls with low headroom, as well as anywhere where hall statics do not permit ceiling loading. The side room needed is extremely small and doors can be insulated for heat retention or acoustic properties. .